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The Means

Title The Means
Author uozlulu
Challenge None
Coupling Cederic/Voldemort – save us, Lord. Oh and a few other slash pairings implied all around
Rating R to NC-17…take your pick…it’s grey…
Genre Slash
Warnings Talk about sex, but not a lemon
Disclaimer I don’t own anything. =.=
Summary Through the mind of everyone’s second-favourite evil homosexual paedophile villain

He was coming. I knew He would. Soon through that portkey He would appear.

I will admit I was dreading that night. Eyeing that portkey, the damned portkey, I knew that what was coming was coming and it would justify the means in the end. It always did.

Although I would be losing another. I had a boy who was unique like this one and more unique than this one as well.

However, this one. This blonde boy named Cederic is much more special than that traitorous Sirius Black ever could have been. This one is pure, but as pure as he is he is just as sinister and his black streak goes just as deep and is just as bright as the white streak everyone sees. There is a Cederic Diggory that only I have seen and it goes beyond what I have yet to see as well.

I learned plenty from the Black boy. He taught me timing and patience. Had I gone slower with him, I could have retained him and perhaps gotten him more than once. However, there was that one time and I did get there first. He was my property after all. I would have liked to have seen that werewolf’s face when he found out. I would have liked to have seen whatever emotion contorted upon his face when he realized he had gotten there second.

Hearing a shout, I see a crow fly towards me. Trust Severus to bring me news. I wonder about him sometimes, but so far whenever I’ve tested his loyalty, he comes through one hundred fold and is certainly my best underling of all. I could never bring myself to move him up for I think that keeping his job and his life is more than enough reward for the man.

It has happened and as I guessed my counterpart, young Harry Potter, is being brought to me. Cederic, of course, probably isn’t even thinking of my wishes. I know that his initial nature would be to say Harry touches the goblet first, but then Harry of course says they both should or something of the like.

Both are coming towards me.

I must kill Cederic.

This is the end and he can rest knowing he gave his life for the greater good.


~ Uozumi
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