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People joined without me threatening them! *dances* C/V is teh OTP!!!11!!!!!!sixty-three!!!

Um, right. Hi, everybody! Suppose I'll start us off right with my most recent C/V drabble, from tonight's drabble session over at drabble_babble.

Title: What Comes Out of a Ghost
Author: Krissie
Word count: 169
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Aside from the fact that I'm the first to write this pairing to my knowledge...I don't own them. v_v
A/N: Although I'm sure the world thinks me mad, I love my mind. ^_^


"Voldy-love, guess who…"

The Dark Lord rolled his eyes. "The postman?"

"No, silly! It’s your lover."

"How could I have missed that one?" Obviously, Cedric had decided to stay out of He Who Must Not Be Named’s sight for the time being, as he was currently invisible. This was a new development in their…relationship.

The voice spoke again, much closer to his ear than before. "Guess what I’m doing right now?" it whispered.

"Breathing ghost breath into my ear."

"Only if that involves my hands down my pants."

"You’re a ghost. You don’t exactly have pants."

"Well, what do you think I’m doing with my hands down where they’d be?"

Voldemort growled. "I’m trying to relax, Diggory. Let me."

"Let me finish what I’m doing, Voldy-love…"

The sounds coming from the invisible source sounded disgusting to his ears, but you can’t kill someone who’s already dead, so he tuned out until Cedric finished.

"Are you quite finished, Diggory?" The Dark Lord asked, exasperated.

Cedric chuckled, appearing in front of Voldemort and holding his hand out. "Ever wonder what comes out of a ghost during sex?"


I expect posts, people. *glares evilly*
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