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Author: Krissie
Rating: Um...not a clue
Disclaimer: Don't own them, obviously
Notes: With her permission, this is an early Christmas gift for tsu_chan55, 241 words. The request was unrequited Cedric/Voldemort, with an obsession for Cedric, and a goblet, gravestone, and broken broom twigs. I'm really happy with this one.

I think of him often. As I sit by the fire, and lift a goblet to my lips he’s on my mind. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s because he bested Potter at his own sport. Or maybe the way his hair falls so naturally over his eyes, giving him a look of boyishness so unfitting the man he is.

My Death Eater spies at the school have two tasks now: make Potter suffer, and inform me of Diggory’s actions. Photographs come daily by owl: studying in the library tying his show, repairing a few broken twigs on his broom, in the Prefect’s bath…

I keep the pictures close to me.

That’s why it was so hard to take his life that night, why if Potter hadn’t taken the body I would have laid it against the gravestone carved for Potter. Not only would it have been an insult to Potter, but a slight comfort to Diggory.

And to me. Because he was beautiful and special. He could have helped me defeat Potter just as he beat him in Quidditch.

I hadn’t even a chance to have him once, completely at my mercy, begging to be spared as I possess him and learn his secrets. It would have been lovely, stealing his soul and body as he gives in to my will…

Alas, things aren’t like that. I’ll have to take comfort in the fact that he died at my hand.
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