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Another drabble

Words: 143
Title: Fear
Genre: Drama
Pairing: “Tom”/Cedric implications
Rating: PG-13

Fear. It isn’t that I always feel it, but now is the exception. I for once I can say I am truly afraid. I look to my side and see Potter standing there with his wand ready, and I nod to him. We don’t know what to expect—but then we see him. And that’s when the fear starts to slowly appear.

I look into his red eyes and gasp. He looks so familiar that it frightens me. He is a like a mutilated child, though, so I know I’ve yet to meet him. But it still remains a fact that he just reminds me of someone…something. I hear his voice, his cold heart-less voice say something that ended my life. And before that flash of green light hit me, I remembered who he was. And that is when I finally became afraid.

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