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XD Tonight's drabble for drabble_babble!

Title: Apples and Jello
Author: Krissie
Rating: G
Word Count: 166
A/N: Blame lysrouge for the topic. It was 'apples and jello,' and thus, it was written. Part of the whole arc I seem to have going.


"You really should eat something healthy, Voldy-love."

"Diggory, I don’t need you telling me what to eat. I’ve survived longer than you did eating what I want."

"But that wasn’t my fault. You killed me."

Voldemort took a big bite of jello, cringing at it’s too-sweet flavour. "That doesn’t make you my Keeper. I thought I told you to leave me, anyway."

Cedric’s ghostly eyes filled with tears. "You’re throwing me out?"

"I’ve thrown you out a dozen times, and you keep coming back. Why should it work this time?" The Dark Lord muttered, then took another spoonful of the gelatin. "I don’t even like Jello."

"There’re apples in the cupboard," Cedric sat down in the middle of the bowl of Jello. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named pushed it away, disgusted.

"You eat them, then."

"But…I can’t eat!" Cedric sobbed, covering his face with transparent hands before flying from the room.

Voldemort allowed himself a smug smile for getting rid of the pesky spirit for at least a little while.

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