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This community was created for those mad people who jumped on the bandwagon started by me, Krissie, who now ship Cedric/Voldemort.

The whole idea for this community is simple: I want more C/V. This fandom doesn't have enough C/V.

On that note...there are a few rules. Like every other community out there:

1. No flaming. This is a happy community, and we'd like for us all to get along, you know? Makes for a nice place, and the more we get along, the better stuff we'll turn out.

2. No 1337sp34k. H0w w001d w3 411 1ik3 r34d1ng 57uff 1yk3 7h15? No. That gets annoying, as DoEs TYpInG LiKe THIS!!!11!one!!! So none of that. We'd like proper usage of the English language, if you don't mind.

3. Rude people will not be tolerated. If you're rude or anything of the sort, you get one warning before we ban you. Harsh? Maybe, but I don’t care to deal with people who don't respect others.

4. All ratings, allowed here. If you're too young for an NC-17 piece of work, we are not responsible if you read it. Got it? We hold no responsibility for your blatant disregard for the rules. But for authors and artists, make sure you use the age-old template for your work:


5. Anything with a high rating, or longer than 200 words, should be behind a cut. All artists, please use a cut, alright? It's not that difficult. If you are unsure of how to do this, go here.

And that's it. Simple, isn't it? It's just to keep everything in order here.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy it here, everyone!

Also...we don't own Harry Potter or any of the pretty stuffs therein. I'm sure you all knew that, but I figured it's better to say it here than get sued for the party of the first part (us) running something pertaining to the party of the second part (JKR) and the party of the second part getting no cut from the party of the first part. So I've disclaimered this place.

(info blatently stolen from not_quite_bnfs, which I mod, so no harm done!)